India will use all forms of energy to deliver electricity to its citizens

By 18th April 2017India

Piyush Goyal, the Indian Energy Minister, has said that India will continue using all forms of fuel in order to spread electricity to the hundreds of millions of Indians who currently live without electricity.

He said that the Paris Agreement “does not in any way stop the government or any country from meeting its energy needs from whatever sources of energy one may choose”.

Goyal stated that India was also looking to expand wind energy capacity with 175 GW planned.

However, he said that coal power however will “continue to remain our mainstay and there was no such agreement in Paris that will stop us from continuing to encourage coal-based generation of power”.

Electrification was a key part of Narendra Modi’s election campaign when he became Prime Minister and dominated the recent elections in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

India has attempted to deliver electrification through off grid solutions in the past with disappointing results.

Goyal’s commitment to all sources of energy reflects the belief that the best way to spread electricity is through a safe, reliable and affordable connection to the grid.