Kenya adds gas to the energy mix

By 1st November 2017Kenya
Kenya adds gas to the energy mix

Kenya is one of Africa’s great success stories when it comes to electricity access. From 2013-2016 the proportion of households with an electricity connection rose from 27 per cent to 55 per cent, and the government is aiming to provide 95 per cent energy access by 2020.

The government’s strategy is to diversify its current energy portfolio as demonstrated by the growing number of energy projects including hydropower, solar and geothermal, and a recent announcement sees the East African nation add natural gas to the mix.

The United States Trade and Development Agency (USDTA) has given a $996,600 grant to Zarara Oil & Gas to scope out the potential economic impacts of a 50-200 MW gas-to-power station on Pate Island.

Kenya is taking the right approach towards energy access by using all available resources. As Kofi Annan reiterated earlier this year at a panel on energy access: “each country needs to be decide on the most cost-effective, technologically efficient mix that works best for its own needs.”

588 million people currently live without access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa, accounting for 57 percent of the total population. This figure is projected to grow to 600 million by 2030, according to a recent report.

Kenya provides a shining example of an energy policy strategy that will provide a affordable, secure and reliable electricity for all.