Egypt is set to build its first nuclear power plant

General Electric have been awarded a US$700 million contract to build four turbine units for Egypt’s first ever domestic nuclear power plant. The nuclear plant will produce 4,800MW by 2029 adding to Egypt’s energy mix and will cost a total of US$60 billion.

The announcement of a nuclear power plant is welcome as Egypt has been suffering from blackouts as a result of growing electricity demand.

The nuclear power station will be located 200 miles miles west of Cairo on the Dabaa coast. It will help to provide electricity to over 4 million Egyptian households, making sure that the lights remain on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This project will help to alleviate concerns and constraints on the country’s natural gas consumption. In 2016, domestic natural gas production was 41.8 billion cubic metres (bcm), but at the same point consumption of the natural gas stood at 51.3bcm.

Everyone across the world deserves access to uninterruptible and reliable electricity. The creation of the first nuclear power plant and coal power station in Egypt will go along way to ensure that the country no longer suffers from blackouts.

As the population in the country is expected to rise to 128 million by 2030, which is an increase of 30 million in the next twelve years, the Egyptian government needs to ensure that they continue to supply more energy as the population increases.